Yoga and Workshops


Melissa Santangelo is certified to teach Sport Yoga and Pilates by NESTA in Big Bear, CA, since 2003. She has been exercising since she began her own weight loss journey in the late 80’s. She used a mixture of home workout DVDs, Jazzercise and walking for her cardio. She could never get the last 20 pounds off or feel toned. Until she started to love her body as it was. That path came from Yoga, Pilates and learning Belly Dance. Now, Melissa feels she is a perfect Groovy Goddess still on that path of achieving wellness, not skinniness.

Working out to many DVDs she felt she had become a DVD workout expert and she created the Groovy Goddess Workout DVD in 2007 . Featuring the Yoga poses and Pilates exercises that she feels works to gain that flexible strong body.  This DVD is a mixture of Yoga stretches, warrior poses and sun salutations. Pilates abs and leg exercises, that can be broken down in to four 15 min segments or you can do the whole 60 min. workout.  Melissa is also a longtime practitioner of meditation and she gives you a Chakra Meditation that you can learn and use anywhere and at anytime. Overall this DVD is a asset to your DVD workout collection being a balance of exercises, stretches and meditation to get you and keep you in BALANCE.

Her desire is to help anyone learn how to stretch and strengthen their body using simple beginner Yoga and Pilates exercises

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She is offering a new Yoga experience, hike and yoga all in one.