Radiance and Chocolate


In 2007, Radiance and Chocolate was created by hosts Sophy Winnick and Melissa Stone for Yougevity Products. It aired on KSCO every Monday at noon for 18 months. Here are some of our best shows. Our Mantra; Give us thoughts of wisdom, words of truth and a sense of humor to boot.

The information on these shows is timeless. Listen and learn, we did.

Listen in to our talk with Dannion Brinkley he was saved by the light!


Our New Years Eve 2007 show with Jack Alanne The Godfather of fitness!


Sophy and Melissa talking with friend Brian Piergossi about The Big Glow.


Listen to us talk with Richard Goldberg about ways to help depression


4/23/07 Say no to circumcision


05/14/2007 Disaster Preparedness

05/21/2007 Addiction


06/11/2007 Jen Kober before she was a Rockstar!

06/18/2007 Sleeping and Dreaming


07/02/2007 Quantum Physics and Spirituality

09/07/2007 Secret and Law Attraction

07/16/2007 Birth as we Know it!