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  • Wedding Ceremony Package

    The Groovy Goddess would be honored to perform your custom ceremony!

    Melissa Santangelo has performed many ceremonies. Ordained as The Groovy Goddess through Universal Life Church, since March 2013.

    If you would like to set up a preliminary meeting to see if you would like The Groovy Goddess, to perform your ceremony. Text 831-331-8006. If you know you want The Groovy Goddess to write and perform your ceremony, then purchase this online order and set up an appointment to go forward with your ceremony planning.

    This wedding officiate hand fasting package includes;

    • two 45 min meetings to write your ceremony (with hand fasting, candle lighting or tree planting

    · rehearsal 48 hours before the wedding (optional)· 30 min ceremony officiated by The Groovy Goddess

    • viewing the ceremony site (if needed)

    What is a Hand Fasting? In Ireland, until the mid 1700’s, few unions were sanctified in a church or synagogue. Rather, they were celebrated by a simple hand fasting ceremony in which the two partners joined hands in the fields, or in the groves of trees, like we are today. The couple would link hands to form an infinite circle, and then, their hands or wrists would be bound together, symbolizing the binding together of their two lives into one. It is from this practice that the expression “tying the knot” comes from. This package gives you the opportunity to engage in a traditional hand fasting ceremony to commemorate their entering, together, into the union of marriage.

    Or you can replace the hand fasting with a tree planting, unity sand pour or candle lighting option instead.

    Need a place to hold your nuptials. We do micro weddings at Ryder Rancheria in Scotts Valley. This is the Ryder Log Cabin on Air B N B and we have 3 other homes on an 8 acre property nestled in the Redwoods.…

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