Balance Tool Kit


Not just a tool kit…but a journey to enlightenment. Learn how to reduce stress, sleep better, change negative belief patterns, be more positive and successful with your own Balance Tool Kit. The Key To Life Is Balance! Melissa Santangelo, has learned through her own personal healing journey. Documenting her discoveries along the way. With this knowledge she has produced this “tool kit” to help you make real changes towards changing your life.

Do you take your personal life to work and your work life home? Do you worry about things out of your control? Do you want to gain a better understanding and insight of your own personal growth process?

This Balance Tool Kit is for you!

Your Balance Took Kit will include;

  • One weekly Om read with a workbook full of easy and quick solutions you can easily add to your life
  • Two CDs with daily guided meditations for healing, pain relief, sleep, balancing your energy and for creating success and abundance in your life
  • Stop Smoking Meditation (if desired)

Reduce stress and learn to “go with the flow”.

The Balance Tool Kit will show you just how much power you have already inside.

Let it free!

The exercises are easy to use and take only minutes a day. Apply these meditations and positive statements to your life and you will see results quickly while having fun and enjoying your journey.

 See reviews from our local Health Practitioners;

“The Key to Life Is… Balance provides everything you need to lead a happy, healthy life. The powerful information Melissa shares will give you the inspiration to discover the keys to help you take control of your health, both inside and out. The Key to Life Is…Balance will provide you with the elements of wellness that can and will change your life!” ~Joanie Greggains, Health and Fitness Expert KGO TV and Radio

“There are the senses you get and then there are the senses that get you. Being around Melissa, I get the sense that I am connected to someone who is in process of transcendence. Do you remember when you were a kid and your buddy dared you to touch the tip of your tongue to the 9 volt battery? It is kind of like that, but all over your body. Tingly, Powerful! The energy is incredible and now I understand how Melissa has become that way. Melissa shares intimacies about her journey out of suffering and how her awareness is allowing her to not only experience all she can while she is here, but to pass on the Landmarks of her Journey to others and help them to end their suffering as well. A truly epic in the tale in Spiritual Growth and a sense which got me. ” ~Trevor Bottorff, RRW, CSC Chemical Dependency Residential Case Manager Certified Spiritual Counselor

“Melissa Stone’s new book is filled with self help ideas, affirmations and wisdom that will help you navigate life’s challenges transforming them into growth opportunities”. ~Charles Muir, Director: Source School of Tantra Yoga and author of Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving

“Definitely Balance is what it is all about. The great thing about Melissa Stone’s new book is it is practical, easy to use and it works! It is a must read for anyone and everyone”. ~ Lee Holden, Director: Santa Cruz Chi Center and author of Seven Minutes of Magic

“The organic miracle of life is balance. It is THE lesson we all have to remember. Melissa’s book helps you become aware of life’s greatest miracle. On any level this book can help you if you want to start with your thinking, your feeling or your actions? Wherever you are, Melissa can help you begin to live your life in balance. Have fun with it! “. ~Larry Bernstien, CST CPT Fsoc OB Director and Instructor: Cypress Health Institute

“As a family doctor, I am very excited to have this workbook as another tool for patients and myself. Melissas personal style draws you in, and her weekly topics are simple yet mighty. It is a great introduction to basic spiritual principles and the exercises are quick enough that even the busiest person can find time to do them. The beauty of her creation is that anyone who will put in even a few moments of willingness to participate will have enormous return from the insight they gain. Melissa has written this workbook to help people bring balance into their lives, which it certainly does. What is so interesting to me is that the organization of the book itself is a demonstration of balance; truly a reflection of the author and her intention. ” ~ Amy Solomon, MD